Friday, June 6, 2014

Salvaging a too pink foundation

The hardest thing in makeup is to get your base right. You need to find the good level of coverage, the right finish, the right tone and undertone and make sure your skin doesn't get any adverse reaction. Even though I have a ridiculously big make up collection, I do try not to accumulate too much foundations and I'm often on a challenge to finish a particular foundation.

For years I've been mistakenly "accused" of having a pink undertone, because my face has quite a lot of redness. A bit over a year ago, I realized that my skin was in fact neutral leaning on yellow and some of my favorite foundations had the wrong undertone. Always match your foundation with your chest and neck.

To understand how to neutralize something, you need to know about color theory. To opposite colors on the color wheel cancel each other. Therefor, to remove the red pigment from a foundation, you need to neutralize it with green. If you need your foundation to be yellow, you need to first use some green adjuster and then add some yellow. Various professional brands offer color adjusters that you can mix with your foundation.

Because I'm not a professional make up artist and that I don't have that many pink foundation left, I decided to neutralize my foundation with a green primer and then finish it with a yellow finishing powder. If you have strong yellow undertone though, buying adjusters might be a good investment. Women with fair skin tend to have less strong undertones.

The too pink foundation (It's a light coverage foundation, but trust me it's pink!)

adjusted version on the left, untouched on the right

As you can see, mixing the foundation with green turns it into a neutral shade. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tar in anime is my favorite bright lippie!

I previously review OCC lip tar in Queen previously and everything I said for this lipstick is applicable for this shade too. It is insanely pigmented, ultra long wearing (a solid 8 hours on me) and BRIGHT! This shade is a neon fushia pink that is rightfully named anime. Out of the two lip tars, this shade favorite, it is actually my favorite bright lipstick period. I wore this in France last weekend and I got a lot of looks. This is definitely a shade that you need to wear with confidence.

You can get this at several online retailer and at Sephora US and Canada.

A sneak peak of my husband watching TV

Would you wear this shade?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Laura Mercier foundation primer in radiance bronze

I'm not somebody who uses primers on a regular basis. My skin is quite dry and my pores are normal size and I don't see the necessity. I also need quite a solid medium coverage and I try to not layer too much. I already have quite an intricate skin care routine!

I do however love a nice healthy glow, so when I had the occasion to exchange my sephora points for a deluxe sample I was trilled! Laura Mercier is all about the skin and she has a very good selection of primers. She has two radiance primer, a pinkish shade and this bronze shade.

The first time I applied the radiance bronze I was chocked in a good way by the pigmentation. I don't think this particular shade was intended for really pale ladies like me. (I'm around an NC15) Now I mix it with my foundation and it warms up nicely the shade and gives a really nice glow.

bare faced 

With my foundation mixed with the primer 

Overall, I really like this primer. It's a very nice creamy texture that doesn't feel at all like silicone. It can be used under, mixed or over foundation. I do find the price in Belgium outrageous compared to the United States though. I might purchase it when I run out, but not at over 40 euros!