Thursday, December 12, 2013

MAC Face and body foundation review and comparaison with MUFE face & body

Two weeks ago, when I came face to face with the closed Inglot shop, I went to console myself at MAC. Even though I promised myself I wouldn't by any other foundation I still couldn't resist the urge to try this one.

MAC is not know for their foundation and most of their offering are quite thick and full coverage and frankly not appropriate for dry skin. Face & Body is an exception, it's a very fluid water based foundation that contains no fillers. It's a light to medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish. They come in N (neutral) or C (cool but actually yellow undertone). I bought it in N1 and the match for my skin is perfect. If you are a true porcelain skin in North America they sell a pure white version  that you can mix and match your color. The foundation comes in 120 ml / 4 oz for €33.50 or 50 ml / 1.7 US fl oz €28.00. If you are not sure or have a lot of foundations I would buy the smaller size because the foundation separates after a year and becomes unusable. 

Left before, right after.

How does it compare to Make up for ever face and body?

Here's a very unflattering before after with MUFE Face & body
1. The price
Make up for ever face & body is 35,50€ for 50ml and MAC in the bigger size is €33.50 for 120ml so more than double of the size for 2 euros cheaper. 

2. The texture and finish
The MAC version is a very runny very watery foundation. I apply mine on a metal blending palette, I do my skin care and then I start applying it. It gives it time to be less watery. Make up for ever is a gel texture and it is easier to apply. I find both foundation to be applied best with fingers or you waste too much product.

The finish is different, MUFE has a natural finish and MAC has a dewy finish. They both look very natural and like a second skin.

3. The wear and coverage
They are both long wearing. MUFE is completely transfer proof and MAC transfer resistant. The coverage is light to medium for both. They are both buildable without being caky.

Overall I have to admit that it's almost a tie between the two foundations. I like the color match and the price of the MAC and I like the easier to work with texture of the MUFE and the fact that it doesn't transfer. They are both quite hard to remove so use a good make up remover!


  1. wow i think ive never heard of a foundation that has a gel texture, thats interesting! :) I've tried the same MAC foundation but it makes my skin dry ^^

  2. Thanks for the review and comparison, Judith! actually haven't tried any foundations from MAC and MUFE, but one of my best friends wore MAC Face & Body on her wedding day! That is an amazing price for 120ml of foundation!

  3. I've been wanting to try out the MAC Face and Body Foundation for awhile now. This post was really helpful.

  4. It sounds good, I certainly want to try a MAC foundation if I find something in my color (but I am not going to use different foundations at the same time cos I don't even wear them on a daily base to begin with)... and based -solely- on the pictures I'd say MAC looks the best.

  5. Honestly I'm sure you would get a match, they go up to C9 which is very dark, I'm sure one of the middle shades would fit! I love both, when I have a cold and I need a truly budge and transfer proof foundation I go for MUFE. But is it worth the double of the price of MAC? I don't think so!

  6. I know it's a staple in a lot of MUA kits as well!

  7. Hi Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad it helped!

  8. I've only tried the MAC version, but I did love that one.

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