Sunday, October 6, 2013

Benefit highlighter review and comparison: Highbeam, girl meets pearl and watt's up!

Benefit is known mostly for two things their highlighters and box powders. I received three sample of benefit highlighters and I wanted to do a review and comparison. I had those since march, but I've use them a lot lately in order to give a balanced review. I will not show them on my face because it's too hard to capture with my cheap camera.

Here's a swatch of the products

From top to bottom  girl meets pearl, highbeam and watt's up!

Here's a swatch lightly blended

Girl meets pearl

This is a liquid champagne highlighter. The texture is creamier than the liquid highlighter from Benefit that comes in a "nail polish" bottle. It's also really easy to apply. You just need to tap the product in with your ring finger. Because it is a liquid you can also mix a little bit with your foundation for extra glow, or with you moisturizer to use as a brightening primer. Out of the three shades I tried this is the one I think would look best on the biggest variety of skin tones. On my skin tone it just shows up as a glow it doesn't brighten. This one costs 31 euro for 12 ml.


This is one of the original product of the brand and one of the most famous highlighter in the make up world. I love this one! It looks so good on fair skin, it really gives a nice girl look. It as a pearly finish and it's light pink with a silver shimmer. It's really one of those product that I don't think is over-hyped. You can apply it and mix it the same way as girl meets pearl. I did the mistake of buying once moonbeam instead of this one and I regretted it. If this type of shade looks ashy on your skin they have two other shade a beige pink (moonbeam) and a more apricot color (sunbeam). This costs 27 euro for 13ml.

Watt's up!

This is also a very nice highlighter despite it's very corny name. This is the darkest shade of the three. It's a peachy-beige shade. It's darker than my skin so it isn't the best match for me. The texture is very creamy and easy to blend. I think this would look lovely on medium skin or darker. It's also the most expensive shade of the three 32 euros for 9.4g. I think it's nice but if I had darker skin I would buy sunbeam instead.

The bottom line
Benefit really knows good highlighters. None of those products are glittery and they all look very natural on the skin, they are a dream to blend and they have good staying power. I would personally recommend their liquid version in the glass bottle. The two other options can be good if you travel a lot because the packaging is less fragile. I need to finish another liquid highlighter, but I soon as I do I will definitely purchase highbeam in a full size.


  1. These are all super cute! I would definitely get more into highlighters but it's just pointless for me at this moment. I've decided to stop wearing as much foundation (and anything else on my cheeks) for the time being. Only for special occasions. I like all three highlighters and love that they're golden!

  2. Golden shades are definitely more flattering on most people!

  3. i agree with benefit creating natural looking highighters. i have watt's up :) and you are also right about its name being corny lol the travel size that i got has an upside down bottle / labels so i thought it was cute ^^