Sunday, December 1, 2013

Maybelline color tattoo review in inked in pink, bad to the bronze and audacious asphalt

I feel like it's been a while since I reviewed something from an affordable brand. Today I'm going o do a quick review and show you some swatches of three of the permanent color tattoo range from Maybelline. I'm not going to spend too much time reviewing the products, because they did get a lot of hype and reviews when they came up last year.

Bad to the bronze (On and on bronze in Europe)
This color is one of the best one from the range, pigmented, blendable and long wearing. Some of the colors are apparently less good but I didn't experiment that with any of the three colors I picked.

Audacious Asphalt (Immortal charcoal) 
This color is a bit dryer and it contains glitter. You can get better charcoal shades out there, but for the price it's still quite nice. I like to use this one for a smokey eye and blend it also on the lower lash line.

I'm wearing this eyeshadow on this picture.
Inked in pink (pink gold)

This is a lovely rose gold shade, which is one of the newer colors. It's also my favorite shade for everyday wear. Because it's light it's easy to apply as a wash of color with my fingers in the morning a bit of mascara and I'm out of the door.

Here's a close-up on my eye

If you haven't tried yet the color tattoo range and recommend checking them  out. They are not the easiest eyeshadow to blend compared to other cream eyeshadows like sheiseido or Benefit (I use a dome brush with the darker shade) but they hold like a rock ad they are very affordable. Apparently the orange and purple shades are to be avoided and lack pigmentation.

And you did you try the color tattoo eyeshadow?


  1. "Inked in Pink" definitely looks good on you and I understand why you'd choose to wear it as a daily look! I also love the second color, love the glitter! Smokey looks good on you!

  2. Hey Judith, I'm digging the look you created! I have two of these from the US (Bold Gold and Bad to the Bronze), and the formula really wears like iron! It's a pity we don't get new or LE shades here!

  3. I absolutely looooove Audacious Asphalt! Want want want :-)

  4. here it's called immortal charcoal. but it's the same color. It's very nice =)

  5. Yeah it's too bad, but here there is max factor and a bigger selection at bourjois Maybelline is bigger is North America.

  6. I also like the charcoal and pink shade the best, but I'd say that the quality of bad to the bronze is so good that it compensates for the shade being not that unique.

  7. Maxfactor is actually the same with Covergirl, or at least that's what I heard! It IS indeed pretty sweet that we get Bourjois though!