Sunday, May 4, 2014

Clinique city block sheer FPS 25 review

Lately I've been quite obsessed by skin care. If there is one thing every person needs to slow down aging is a good full spectrum sunscreen. Only two ingredients block completely UVA rays Avobenzone (chemical) and zinc oxide (physical). Titanium dioxide is also a physical sunscreen (reflects the rays instead of absorbing them) but it only blocks shorter UVA rays and doesn't block the longer rays. The advantage of using physical sunblock is that it's milder for the skin, the only problem is the dreaded white cast.

Clinique sheer contains both Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and is tinted to avoid the white cast. It does not contain any chemical sunscreen, perfume or oils. You can use it on it's own as a daily moisturizer underneath sunscreen, but I like to layer my skin care. It also contains anti-oxidants. The packaging contains 40ml for 22,50 euros.

What about the dreaded white cast?

Clinique thought of everything and gave a tint to the moisturizer. It also helps evening out my skin.

Here's my bare skin after all my skin care except city block.
And now after city block

As you can see my skin looks already more even. On most days I apply a light to medium coverage foundation on top. On lazy days, I can just apply my CC yellow powder some concealer and some bronzer and then my skin is pretty much done.

with concealer, yellow finishing powder and bronze

Overall I'm super satisfied with this sunblock. It's moisturizing and offers full protection. It also doesn't cake up under under any of my foundation. Clinique also makes a heavier version of this with an FPS 40, but it doesn't contain as much anti-oxidants. 


  1. Me too. Some ot their make up is really not so good, but I love a lot of their skincare.

  2. sounds nice :)

  3. Hey Judith, I think I tried this in the past and it's indeed pretty good! I don't love EVERYTHING Clinique, but they sure have great products!

  4. wearing a sunscreen is a very essential thing to do :)


  5. I personnaly love it. But I Shisheido also makes some sunblock with zinc oxide and they target to oilier skin types. That could also be an option.

  6. Yeah me too. I have a super white neck!

  7. It is a bit pricey, but a good full spectrum sunscreen is definitely a long term investment!

  8. Eyeshadow AddictMay 16, 2014 at 3:59 PM

    I love this stuff! I find it moisturizing enough to use as a daytime moisturizer, but I need to be careful with it on my neck. It's tinted enough that I'll have orangey streaks if I don't blend well!

  9. I like the sound of that! I could definitely use something like that and thanks for the info on what actually works.. I do find it a bit pricey though, hm.

  10. I've heard mixed reviews about it and because of that I haven't tried it, but now you kinda make me want to :-)