Friday, May 2, 2014

Suqqu cheek brush or the day I bought a 106 euros brush

My husband is a very supportive man. He understands my passion for cosmetics and usually encourages in my different beauty related endeavors. But when I bought in London a 85 pounds brush, he freaked out a little bit.

Suqqu is a Japanese make up brand. All of their brushes are made with grey squirrel hair which is quite soft and rare. It is rumored that the brushes are made by Chikuhodo. Suqqu brushes are know to be the softest of the soft even more so than Hakuhodo and other prestige Japanese brands.

handle 12cm, head 3cm wide at larger point and 3.5 cm long

The cheek brush is one of the most popular brush of the brand with the powder brush. It is smaller than most brushes and the handle is quite short as well. The handle is a simple shiny black plastic handle. The ferule has an oval shape, but isn't pinched. Grey squirrel hair is quite delicate and picks up very little product.

This blush makes the application of blush so agreeable and look so flawless! Because it is small you can really control where you put your blush, it doubles up as a contour and highlighter brush as well. This is a great brush to use on very pigmented or very powdery blushes, because it picks up just the right amount of powder.

You can see how small the brush is in comparison to a mac 187

Is this brush a must have? Absolutely not. You do not need such insanely expensive brushes. But this is by far my favorite brush of my collection! I use it everyday since I bought it. I don't think I'll ever buy such luxurious brushes ever again, but this one will definitely keep a praised spot in my collection. 


  1. Yes I'm happy too. It's probably the craziest expense I ever did.

  2. Haha, yes I was relieved to like it!

  3. You definitely should! It's incredible!

  4. Ahhhh you got this!!! I've been wondering if I should pick it up sight unseen, and now I think I really should :)

  5. Yikes... I think I can hear my credit card breaking in two ;-) I'm glad you like the brush so much though, thank god!

  6. Yeah, that is definitely expensive haha. I am happy to read it was worth every penny, though!!