Saturday, November 30, 2013

Eindhoven make up city?

I just went back from Eindhoven in the Netherlands with my boyfriend. We decided to go there because I really wanted to go to an Inglot store. Little did I know that Inglot Netherlands just went bankrupt. Of course neither Inglot or the Piazza (the mall where the store is located) decided to update that info.I spent literally two weeks anticipating this and making plans for my would have been awesome 20 eyeshadow palette. We went in the madness the weekend before "Sinterklaas" for absolutely nothing!

Like this is not disturbing enough...

 For those of you not familiar with the concept, yes it's white people painted in black. And it's even more disturbing in person. Somehow this is not seen as racism in the Netherlands.

I still tried to make the best of my day, after all I dragged my boyfriend all the way over there, it took us one hour just to find a paid parking that wasn't full. I ended up shopping around in de bijenkorf. The one in Eindhoven is especially nice. They have a lot of skin care brands dr. Hauschka, Ren, Kiehs among others. They also have a lot of make up brand. None of which are impossible to find in Belgium. They also have two ici paris and one Douglas (I didn't go in because there were those creepy white people painted in black in front of the store).

Here's a couple of pictures I took in de Bijenkorf (sorry for the quality I forgot my memory card)

And it all ended in an Irish pub...

The verdict?
Eindhoven is a nice shopping city, but I wouldn't say it's worth the detour striclty for makeup. I would recommand Bruxelles over that because they have a full Bobbi Brown make up store, a make up for ever store and many others. I think the next makeup "Pilgrimage" will be in June 2014 at Imats London! And I want to thank my boyfriend to be so patient and bringing me there and fight through the parking madness.

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