Friday, August 30, 2013

10 beauty rules I don't follow

1. Cutting my hair every 4-6 week
My hair is not damaged. I also want to grow it to my waist, cutting it every 6 months and doing a weekly split end hunt is enough.

2. Exfoliating my face once to twice a week
I once listened to a make up artist who told me to do that. I hardly had any skin left! With my dry sensitive I only do it between 2-4 times a year!

3. Doing deep hair treatment
Hair is dead. Dead I tell you! Leave it alone if you don't need it. You simply can't repair hair.

4. Using hair conditionner
I do use a homemade spray after my shampoo but that's it. I realised that my hair was getting dry because of product buildup.

5. Washing my face morning and night
You don't need to use a cleaner twice a day it will likely irritate your skin. I just put at bit of water in my face in the morning or a spray of rose water. No cleanser needed!

6. Changing my make up colours according to season
What is this the 1920's? Buy make up you like, ignore the rules and have fun!

7. Changing my fagrance according to season
Who does that anyway? They do those rules to make you consume more.

8. Plucking my eyebrows religiously
Best way to end up with tiny teeny eyebrows. If you have a tendency to over-pluck do not pluck for three weeks and start over.

9. Contouring 
I like my big round cheeks. I don't want to look like somebody else. It also involves a lot of blending, I'd rather spend this time on sleeping in the morning!

10. Following the make up and hair trend. 
It is important to stay up to date with the techniques, nobody wants to look dated. But this fall for example medium length is doing a comeback, if long hair comes back in the winter, how are we suppose to frow magically 20 cm of hair!

How about you what rules do you break?


  1. I have to agree with:
    1. I let it grow long until I cut it short. That's it.
    2. Yeah, not that great for my face either :P
    3. Never done that.
    4. I don't mind it, but I don't tend to use it.
    5. Yes, I vary with this. But I do agree in the morning (if you've only worn cream in bed) then water should do the trick. Rose water is lovely!
    6. Nothing more to add here.
    7. Ditto.
    8. I don't pluck at all.
    9. Agreed.
    10. Same

    Haha, here I thought I was going to agree with some.. but I agree with all! Good post ^_^ Spread the message. Lots of it is consumerism and not always good for your skin/hair!

  2. I don't follow many of these either, but I don't think that number 5 is smart. I do believe you need to cleanse your face every morning and evening. It's not because you don't see any dirt that it is not there.

  3. Haha great minds think alike. Don't get me wrong I love buying products, but I like to buy it because I love them and they are good for me, not because it's a temporary trend.

  4. I guess it depends on your skin type. I do clean my face in the morning I just dont use a cleanser. I usually water only wash or spray some rose water on a cotton. If I over clean my face I become very irritated.