Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lush colour supplement review

Today I want to review Lush colour supplement. I use it part of my resolution to not use real foundation, especially long wearing one on a regular basis. The foundation comes in 5 colors: light yellow, dark yellow, light pink, dark pink (the darkest shade available) and Jackie oates. The latter is made for extremely pale skin and uses different ingredients. It's also one of the only really pale foundation easily accessible that comes in a slightly yellow shade. I'm glad that a company understood that very pale skin is often very red and pink undertone in foundation doesn't really help. Lush also makes a cream bronzer that can be used as foundation on dark skin. (It will probably be too pale for deep skin).

Personally I am fair but not that fair and I'm wearing the color light yellow (licht geel) which is the second palest shade. I've also tried light pink in the past and it was a great corrector for under eye circle but way too pink for my skin it was also too dark. The light yellow shade is also very close to a neutral shade. According to the ladies at LUSH it is the most popular shade they offer. It will accommodate most light to light medium skinned ladies.

The color supplement is meant to be mixed with your favorite moisturizer as a tinted moisturizer. You can also use it straight. I've mixed it with lush enzymion that I received as a sample. I wouldn't suggest mixing it with a very heavy moisturizer.

As for my review, I love it! The color is great it gives great glow and it just gives a little bit of coverage enough to cover my redness, perfect for work or day wear. It doesn't oxydize, cling on dry patches and it stays on my dry skin pretty well. I wear a bit of jojoba oil under my makeup.

Here's the foundation in action

Now the finish look


  1. It looks really good and gives your skin a natural glow! I must visit Lush more often and linger there a bit longer than I usually do. I would have never looked at this product if it wasn't for you.

  2. You should, it's really not aggressive on my rosacea proned skin. They give free sample too if you want to see how your skin react. I can go with you =)

  3. Sure, I'd like that a lot ^_^

  4. I have this one as well and I really like it. It's so natural-looking and it makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated.

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