Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Products I'm not allowed to buy anymore.

There is a lot of post lately on decluttering. I think many of us, beauty addicts, have a tendency to accumulate way too much products. As a general rule I'm trying not to buy too many products that last a very long time or that are very similar with each other. What I mean by that is products like foundation, there is just one shade that's right for you, you cannot alternate colors, so there is not use in having ten different bottles.

I limit myself in the follow products:

- Foundation
-concealer and corrector
- mascara
-Body creams (I've been trying to finish one of my body shop body butter for 2 years!)
- Body Wash
- Hair and body oils
- Skin care products in general
- Shampoo
- eyebrow products

The products that I think it's nice to have many of:
- Eye shadows
- lip products
- blushes
- highlighters
- Perfumes

How about you? What products do you try to limit? With what products you let go your hoarder tendencies?


  1. hm, well foundation and concealer definitely make sense! but it's not something I actually think about.. the limiting.. but I do think about of things I'd like to have more of.. and then tell myself I shouldn't :P haha. That would be eye shadows, lip products and the likes.

  2. I am right there with you I have WAY to many shower gels and body/hand lotions. I tend to keep buying eyeshadows as no 2 are really the same.

  3. I limit (almost) everything now! I'm almost done with my Lush stash. I don't use eyeshadows much so I don't buy them anymore. I have way too many mascaras that I got from various beauty boxes. I have to use body butters/lotions to shave in order to actually finish them! The only thing I don't limit is nail polish... oh, and glosses :) You can't have too many!

  4. body products are so hard to finish it's crazy. I'm still trying to finish one of my body shop body butter like said in the post. My boyfriend bought me a gift set in the coconut smell and I don't allow myself to use it till I finish the damn satsuma one. I also finish various stuff as shaving cream, hand wash, shaving oil...