Friday, August 16, 2013

What I expect from foundations

I am a  major make up hoarder. The only thing I don't have that many of is foundation. It's also due to the fact that foundation, unlike eye shadows, are easier to finish. I'm always very careful when it comes to trying new foundation, because most of the time I am very disappointed. When I buy foundation I'm looking for the following things:

Dewey finish: I have dry skin. My skin is naturally pretty matte. I think that having glowing skin is more flattering on everyone. (Of course is you have oily skin you can look for a satin finish or a matte finish that won't look too matte on you). Most matte foundation are very irritating to the skin and hard to remove. They also often give a mask effect especially when combined with powder.

Medium coverage: foundation is meant to be your skin but better. It should be almost invisible. I also like to have enough coverage to even out my redness. If I want light coverage I will be tinted moisturizer not foundation!

Easy to blend: Nothing annoys me more than a splotchy uneven foundation. A good foundation should be easy to blend and to layer where you need more.

Neutral undertones and great color selection in general: A lot of foundation in the market are either very pink or very yellow. Very pink foundation are especially bad for me since it accentuates my redness. Drugstore foundation in fair shades tend to be very pink (bourjois is the exception). Drugstore foundation also tend to be very dark. Some companies' palest options are still too dark for me and I'm not even that fair. They are also often too pale or too ashy for women with deep skin.

Reasonably priced: I have tried many high end foundation, but I refuse to pay more than a certain price. Armani foundations are apparently very good but they are ridiculously expensive.

And finally they have to be non irritating. Why do companies need to put so much perfume in their foundation? Some even put essential oils (I'm looking at you origins)! I put foundation to have better looking skin, not to be stuck with skin that need more and more foundation!

Next week I plan to do complete review with pictures of the foundation I own from Make up for ever, RMS, Christian Dior, Revlon and Maybelline.


  1. Nice post. What I look for in a foundation is good coverage with still a natural-looking finish, and that it doesn't make my skin oily.

  2. That's always a challenge with foundation, they have to cover enough in one layer, layering it end up looking cakey with most.

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