Thursday, August 22, 2013

Make up fail at MUFE make up counter

I am following different make up companies on facebook and I often use their make up look as an inspiration. Make up forever is probably my favorite make up brand and I always had very good service at their counter. But I just couldn't let pass this picture that they posted on their canadian facebook page. I do not own this picture (and quite frankly I'm not sure it's worth anything).

I hesitated posting this article, because it could be seen as controversial. I decided to go forward because Make up for ever Canada posted the following picture with this caption "Smoky Eye Technique training at Sephora Metro in Vancouver... beautiful work from the cast!" and the girl didn't do this make up herself. Underneath all that bad make up she still look pretty. So anyway here's the damage..

My first reaction when I saw this was wow what have they done to her eyebrows. I keep seeing this over and over again with make up enthusiasts overly-drawn eyebrows. It's not flattering when their is so much eyebrow filler. It's also always safer with dark hair to go with a slightly paler color than your hair to fill up.

Then my other obvious reaction was about the contouring job, especially on the nose. I'm really not a fan of contouring in general but this is just plain bad. Way too dark, way too warm and way too much in general, especially with such a strong make up look. It looks especially bad with the very obvious highlighter on top of the cheek. When you contour you need a slightly grayish shade to do shadows, nobody's shadow is warm brown. And what's with trying to cheat your nose shape! Just another way to make women feel bad about themselves. Make up is suppose to be fun.

If you keep looking at the picture you can see the awful contrast between the very obvious pearly highlighter on the brow bone and the matte black smokey. Not a good look unless you are a drag queen.

Finally with such a strong make up look, you've gotta keep at least your lips understated. The frosty lipgloss is just too much.

I don't expect make up counter staff to be skilled make up artists, but this is just way to much of everything. The poor girl needs a make under.

How about you what do you think? Does that make you want to go to a MUFE counter?

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  1. Oh man, I hope this girl doesn't find this post, poor thing :-) I agree with you though. The brows are overdone, and there is way too much highlighter on the brow bone.