Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shampooing, you’re doing it wrong!

At the risk of sounding arrogant (not that it ever stopped me before) I think most people are not shampooing properly. We women are brain washed into finding the perfect deep treatment and we don’t really see the shampoo as such an important step. Here is what most women do wrong:

-Pilling their hair on top of their head like in the shampoo ads. Your hair length consists of older hairs. As you know hair is dead and cannot be repaired. You need to treat your hair like fragile wool. Shampoo can really dry up some more fragile hair types and it is really not necessary to put it all over your hair. This type of shampooing method can also create tangle and the tangle removal can break your hair even more. (Btw always be gentle when you untangle your hair, when I see women hitting their hair with a rough brush it makes me cringe!)

-Shampooing twice. Later rinse and repeat only makes you dry your hair too much and make you go through shampoo too fast. If your shampoo is adapted you will only need it once.

- Putting too much shampoo. You only need to shampoo the scalp. The suds will run down your lenght and it should me enough.

-Choosing the wrong shampoo formula. Lately there is this big paranoia about sulphates and silicones and more and more companies market products without thoses ingredient. The thing is if you use serums or if you have hard water cutting down the sulphates is a bad idea and it will result to bad buildup. Your shampoo needs to be strong enough to remove your product residue. You can also be using a too strong shampoo especially if you have very damaged, dry or very curly hair. Some women with very curly hair do not shampoo at all and clean their hair only with a very runny conditioner. You can also be in need of a chelating shampoo once in a while to remove mineral buildup. Clarifying shampoo only removes product buildup.

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  1. Yes, good tips in here! Thank you for sharing and I can't wait for other posts ^_^