Wednesday, September 4, 2013

High end make up products that are worth the money

Following my best cheap beauty products I though it would be fun to do the same for high make up. I'm not pretending this is a top of the top, since they are so many high end brands out there, but it is the best of what I've tried so far.

1. Tarte cheek stains 

It is truly a shame that Tarte is not available in Europe because they make phenomenal cheek products. The stains are available in cream or gel formula and I would realy recommand the latter. They have a dewey finish and they really give that glow from withing look. You don't need to use highlighter when you use those. They also last all day. They make a lot of colour those two are sheer and great for fair skin. They also have brighter colours if you are a bit wilder or darker.

2. Tarte amazonian clay blushes 

The other staple from Tarte, although less unique than the cheek stain, the formula is great. They come in glittery or matte finishes and I highly recommend the matte one. It is easier to find a great affordable glittery blush, but it is much harder to find a great matte one. They also have super bright options. If you like Nars blushes you will adore these. They never look powdery and they are so incredibly pigmented! 

3. Benefit erase paste

To be honest it is not my favorite corrector, my favorite one is by cinema secret. But since cinema secret is a make up artist brand it is much harder to find. The benefit erase paste is quite concentrated and it really hides dark circle. The only down side is that it comes in only three colours. It is expensive but you need much less than you think It also doesn't crease unlike the bobby brown correctors (but those have a much more extensive shade range). 

4. Christian Dior's diorskin forever flawless perfection wear

I already did a full review on this but the bottom line is this covers well and really looks like skin. This is my favorite satin finish foundation.

5. RMS living luminizer 

This highlighter is raw, oil based and used 100% organic ingredients. I will do a full review of RMS soon but this is their best products. It's gives a great glow and it melts in the skin. This is a favorite of many supermodels like Gisele and Miranda Kerr.

6. Make up forever eye shadows 

Most of my stash consists of eye shadows and lip products. I tried MAC and Urban Decay which are also great but when it comes to matte shadows, nobody beats MUFE. They are very pigmented, the pans are much bigger than MAC and they last forever. I had some of those for almost 10 years and they are still great. 

7. Inglot freedom system 

Inglot also sells individual eye shadows but I didn't have such a great experience with them they applied chalky. Even though this is not fully an high end brand it is in the beginning of the expensive range (depending on the country where you buy them).The eye shadows from the freedom system are available in matte, pearl and glitter. I tried all three and the pearl is my favorite finish but they are all great. I also love the low packaging aspect of it. The quality is in average better than MAC for a much lower price.

8. Buxom lip glosses
I tried more lip glosses than any other make up products. In my early make up years this is all that I would wear. Those are by far my favorite, it's a plumping formula, it's just sticky enough to stay but not overly sticky like MUFE super lip gloss or MAC lipglass (which are also great but everything stick to them). They now have a cream finish (left one) and the original sparkly finish.

9. OCC lip tars 

My camera doesn't photograph red based colours properly for some reason, but those two colours are seriously bright. It's a very pigmented lip stain, you can mix and max the colours to make the perfect shade. They can be slightly drying, but the intensity and the staying power makes it worth while. I will make a full review of those soon.

10 The beauty blender
This is obviously not my picture, my cat probably played with mine and sent it to the abyss of the attic. This is both great to apply foundation of blend it. It's good with liquid and great with cream. Also great for removing a bit of blush if you've put too much. It's a sponge so it has a limited life, but if you can afford it, it's really worth it.


  1. Sure I will get on it next week. A lot of my products are LE though but they have very similar colors in their assortment.

  2. Me too. I wish I would find it gimmicky since sponges do not stay good forever but it's just so good!

  3. I don't know most of these brands, but surely wouldn't mind trying them. To me it seems like that beauty blender soaks up more foundation than it should, which seems like a waste of make-up.

  4. you have nice selection of tarte products :) wish you could post some swatches for it pls :D i tried erase paste yesterday on benefit but it didnt work for me :( the concealer goes inside my eye wrinkles and creates nasty lines

  5. I definitely agree with the beauty blender! I cannot live without mine anymore.

  6. Tarte is really great I miss it! I just don't want to go through ebay! Boxom is actually Bare Escentuals, and MUFE is Sephora's top brand. For the beauty blender it does soak a bit more foundation but it's really great with my dry skin. When I use expensive foundation like the dior one I use a regular foundation brush and I blend afterwards. Anyway news brand here to try that doesn't exist back home like Isadora and Biguine.