Sunday, September 29, 2013

Physician's formula happy booster blush in natural

I wanted to continue my "series" on american blushes with both tarte and physician's formula. Since tarte is coming with an incredible collection for christmas and I though I would  do a bigger post about it tomorrow and do a small one today on Physician's formula.

The particular item I'm reviewing is their Happy booster glow & mood enhancing blush in natural.  This blush is also available in rose which is brighter and darkerI just heard that Physician's formula will now be available in the UK, so the good news is if you want to try their products in Europe you can just order from there.

I rarely review the claims of the cosmetics companies, but this is just so weird that I just can't not mention it. This blush is suppose to increase your mood! This is of course bogus. The main reason why this blush is so popular with the beauty bloggers is the very cute design. The blush is light pink with shimmer and has hearts of different shades of pink and nude.

It's also quite an expensive blush for the drugstore but it contains 0.24 oz (7g) which is quite a lot. I will be honest here, I regret buying this blush. It has stellar reviews everywhere and I just don't get it! It is very hard and difficult to pick up and I need to layer it quite a bit for it to show. The staying power isn't that great either.

Here's a very heavy swatch of the blush
This was swatches at least 4 times!

On my face it doesn't show up a lot either. Honestly, I would save my money on that one and buy Essence silky touch blush instead that are much cheaper and better if you are on a budget.

I'm not going to repurchase this blush and I will finish it by layering it on top of cream blush.


  1. You gave a good alternative! That was clear. Still the blush looks super cute ^_^

  2. oh thanks for the honest review. im tempted to order this online bec ive seen a lot of people raving about it. there is one heart shaped blush that i also want to try. idk if youve seen it, i think its from too faced? :)

  3. Thanks for the review. That blush really does look adorable in the pan!

  4. You're welcome! It is adorable looking that's why I still use it (with my roughest brush!)

  5. The one by too faced is also cute. Maybe if you order it in rose it would be more pigmented though. It's still a very hard texture.

  6. And it smell like violet too.