Saturday, September 7, 2013

Late review and looks: Urban decay Oz limited edition palette in Glinda

I know I'm really late on this review, but this palette is still available in Sephora France and if you haven't tried it yet that might be your last chance.

This is a very original palette, far from the smokey and neutral palettes that seems to be everywhere these days. It's also an incredible value 43 euros (49 US$) for 6 full size eye shadows, one half size eyeliner and one full size super saturated lip color! This comes also in urban decay new refillable palette which means that you can replace the colours once you are done which should take a while (of course they are all limited edition color but you can find something similar for most of them).

I'm not going to describe all the shades one by one. I will simply swatch them and show you 4 looks with the palette.

As for the quality the two middle dual shades are lesser in quality than the other ones that are all very pigmented and easy to blend. The gold and silver one as a ton of fallout. You really need to do your eye make up first and then do the rest or the face. The texture on duochrome aura shade is also a bit hard but the colours make up for it. They almost look like a loose eye shadow.

Now for the swatches

Tornado, the two aura shades and magic.

Illusion (hard to swatch but this is one of the most pigmented shades), the two oz shades and south.
Glinda lipstick (same as naked) and rockstar eyeliner
Glinda on the lips

Look number one gold and purple

Look number two silver and south (taupish-grey)

Magic and Tornado with silver eyeliner (eye look only)

The glinda look south on the lid, illusion to blend in the crease, purple aura on the brow bone)

Overall I'm really liking this palette. I think that the fact that I can keep it and refill it is super cool. I really like the shade tornado, south and Illusion. Those three shades are also the easiest ones to replace. The aura shade is also super pretty but as an highlight only. Magic is in between, the color itself is quite pretty a purplish pink with a gold reflection, but it doesn't apply easily or look very flattering on me. I will use it only to do smoky eyes with the purple. The gold and the silver are gorgeous but they have terrible fallout. You have to do your eye makeup first and even then you will have glitters on your cheeks. 

I hope this review was helpful I will see you tomorrow with the colour of the week!


  1. Yeah me too. Even though that gold is really hard to work with it's such a pretty color! I'm really not a fan of the pink on me. It would be more flattering if it would be paler or darker. But you've gotta experiment!

  2. Oehh, the first two looks I like the most ^_^ Fallout can be so annoying indeed, sometimes my whole face is full of shimmer and sparkle haha.

  3. Lovely! Looks like a pretty nice palette. You actually kind of look like the Michelle Williams here, haha.

  4. Wow that's quite a complement. But I have actually a similar eye and skin color so I just couldn't resist! The theodora palette is also nice but it's sold out. Ah les Fran├žaises et leurs palettes neutres!