Monday, September 30, 2013

Big Tarte amazonian clay blushes post

Tarte is a company almost only known for blushes and I am a big blushes and eyeshadow junkie! I already review their cheeks stains, which is the product that made them famous.

I would say though that their powder blushes are equally if not even more awesome. They come in pans of 5.6 grams pans. Each pan color matches the color of the blush and is depotable. the blush also as a mirror inside. They come in 16 colors and a good part of those are matte. The color range is quite extensive and would even be appropriate for very dark skin tones. More importantly for a pale woman like me they blend really well on my often non powdered face. 

Like I mentioned last time you have to either go through ebay or a service like myus that provides a temporary US address to obtain those blushes for now outside of North america. All of my blushes were purchased when I was living in Canada. 

I own one blush  from their regular line and last year holiday set.

Tarte amazonian clay blush in dollface
This is a light pink color very appropriate for fair skin. I just need to slightly dip my brush into it to have enough pigment for my cheek. 

As you can see it is very natural and completely matte. This is definitely one of my favorite make up item. It's one of those colors that are hard to overdo. My only regret is not picking up more blushes before I left Canada.

Here's a swatch of the color

My tarte holiday collection from last year

Even though this collection is no longer available it can still give an idea of the brighter colors that tarte offers. This set contain 4 half sizes blushes without the mirror. They contain one champagne highlighter, one shimmery brown color with silver glitter, one bright light fushia color and one bright pink coral color. Those two last colors are similar to amused and tipsy if you like the colors. 

Here's a swatch

From L to R: angelic, stellar, magic and fantastic

Angelic and stellar on bare skin

As you can see those colors are less pigmented that the rest. 



This year's holiday collection blush palette

I'm really awfully tempted about this one but it's really not reasonable because it contains dollface that I already own and a bronzer which I don't really use. If you want to try their blushes and you have medium skin though I would buy it. I think I will order for myself the color dazzle on it's own which is part of the permanent collection. The first and middle color are limited edition.


  1. I love the first blush the most! What a lovely picture, too.. it has such a natural shine to it :D

  2. Thank you! I really like the first one too. The other limited edition one are nice but less flattering. I guess I'm answering my own dilemma. I will ask my mom to only bring one full size blush when she visits instead of having a palette.

  3. Dollface looks pretty, and so does that palette!

  4. Dollface is in the palette as well. I think that palette is really perfect for a skin tone like you.