Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Two blushes from international brands not available in Belgium

I'm a huge blush fan. Unfortunately my coloring doesn't really allow me to go as bight as I would like to. Before coming to live in Belgium I made sure if my favorite blushes were available here. Well bad news for me. Almost none of my favorite blushes are available  on the Belgium market. Some brands like Tarte and Physician formula are simply not available here and some other brands like Lancôme and l'Oréal do not offer the same selection worldwide

Today I decided to present two blushes one by Lancôme and the other one by l'Oréal that are not available in Belgium and that you can check out if you go to Canada or the US.

Lancôme Blush subtil in Miel Glacé.
Some of you my be thinking wait blush subtil are available in Europe. We'll yes they are, but for some crazy reason the l'Oreal group of companies seems to be thinking that European women do not like having too much selection. They discontinued plenty of shades in the blush subtil range in Europe but not in the North American market. 

Anyway I simply ADORE this blush. It really looks like nothing in the pan. It's one of those muted color that look so flattering on the skin and it can give a bit of warmth for those of us that can't pull bronzer off. I like this color so much that I'm not using it too much till I can go get some backups back in Canada.

Here's how it looks on me 
And swatched

As you can see it's really a subtle color for fair skin. But Lancôme also has the color cappucine which is similar but darker (also discontinued in Europe). Even though it's a sheer blush it does have a great staying power. 

Another line that is not available here is L'Oréal paris Magic soufflé blush line

I have their palest shade available celestian dawn which is a lovely pale pink. This is a mousse silicone texture that dries down to a natural finish. It's a dream to blend and it's also very natural looking, if you put too much it will cake.

Here's the blush on me

And very heavily swatched

Anyway I hope this was interresting for those of you in Europe who are planning a trip to Canada or United states or for fair skin ladies back home. The good news is that the blush subtiles are available here just in lesser shades. The l'oreal blush is also available in 4 shades in North America. I would stay away from the two darkest ones since they are very shimmery.

Friday I will also present my other two favorite blushes. Once again, one from the drugstore and one high end.


  1. It certainly was interesting to read. Unfortunately, I am unable to see the difference on the face photo's :( I like that you do compare a more expensive product with a cheaper one!

  2. That second one looks really pretty.

  3. I wonder if that Lancome one is available in the Netherlands!

  4. No it isn't. But you can find a mocha one which is similar but darker.

  5. It's one of my most used blush for every day.

  6. Most of my blushes are very similar. I'm usually quite conservative when it comes to blush. I'm always afraid I will end up like those women that need a blush intervention.