Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Soft muted look with MAC sex & the oyster from the indulge collection

I haven't posted a color of the week look this Sunday because I was in the middle of renovations. Last Wednesday I went to Brussels for a job interview and I couldn't help but go into a MAC store. The employee after commenting on my French Canadian accent sold me this eyeshadow. Seriously MAC started in Canada they should worship me (ok maybe not)  in there not mock my accent ! Anyway back on topic, since I love muted colors and nothing screams more buy me than a limited edition I had to get it.

This is a lovely blue-green-gray shade that look greats on my fair slightly cool coloring.  Those of you into color theory I'm a soft summer. You can get more information here if you are interested http://www.truth-is-beauty.com/ According to me type I'm cool but not overly so and I look better with muted cool colors like teal, plum, burgundy, taupes, grays and pretty much any cool but dusky color.

I'm not planning on wearing only those colors, but I think that for work they are quite appropriate and fool proof.

The products

I used covergirl simply ageless cream blush in royal plum on my cheeks and Lancome exotic orchid on my lips. I then used a sage green color on my lids (clinique gift with puchase)and sex and the oyster on my crease.

The look


  1. hmm i wonder how a French Canadian accent sounds like ^^ i think the lipstick color looks great on your nicely shaped lips :)

  2. Oh, wow. Well, I'd be very honored! Thank you kindly :-)

  3. Haha we are like the south africans or the scots of the French world.

  4. I happen to have received two of the same lipstick as a gift with purchase if you want I can give it to you. It's kind of a foolproof color on most I think

  5. I wish I could see it better, but I like the colors you used!

  6. It's a great color on you ^_^ I love the lipstick too!