Friday, March 7, 2014

10 things you should know about skin care

Anybody that has seen any of my close-up make up less pictures, can tell that I suffer from a mild form of rosacea.  This is why I tend to to keep myself informed on skin care.
Two websites that I really like for that purpose are the following

The beauty brains are chemist that analyse composition of cosmetics. I learnt a lot there, especially about hair care. They answer myths about parabens, silicones and sulfates. It’s really a must read.

Paula’s choice is the website of Paula Begoun. She does have her own line of skin care and makeup but her advice and reviews about other brands are really good. They analyse ingredient list, PH and they point out irritating ingredients. 

Ten things you should know about skin care 

1.       Ingredients loose efficacy when they are in a tub. Buy your skin care from a bottle or a tube. 

2.       It’s safe to use chemical exfoliants, anti-oxydant and retinol at the same time. 

3.       Mineral oil and petrolatum are completely safe ingredients.

4.       Parabens are well tolerated by most skins. 

5.       Alcohol and alcohol denat is very irritating for the skin.

6.       Cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol are fatty alcohols and are in fact good the skin. 

7.       You can take anti-age products at any age. You can’t mend wrinkles but you surely can slow down the process. 

8.       Scrubs are very irritating on a lot of skin types. Look for chemical exfoliants that contain one of the following ingredients: alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) is good for dry and sun damaged skin, salicylic acid (BHA or beta hydroxyl acid) is good for clogged pores and acne prone skin. Lactic acid is a form of AHA. If you can’t stand AHA and BHA look for PHA (Polyhydroxy acid) which is a milder form.

9.       A SPF of more than 30 is not necessary. You don’t need to pay more for SPF 50 sun blocks. 

10.   A lot of natural brands contain ingredients that are very irritating for the skin, perfume water, different extracts and essential oils. If you want to go for natural brands for ethical reasons, read closely the ingredient list and test the PH if you can! Avoid bar soap at any cost.


  1. I know, this is very chocking! I think a tub just has a very high end appeal to it!

  2. ok now im sad most of my skin care products are in a tub :S lol

  3. Aah okay, well thanks for explaining! I think I'd rather be safe than sorry though, so I'll keep on using my SPF 40. And I know right, soooo many high end luxury brands use jars, it's crazy!

  4. Some tips are totally new to me, great Judith, Thanks for the compilation

  5. According to this source If applied properly, namely enough of it, the sun protecting element of SPF 30 is sufficient. A higher SPF might be safer for people than tend not to apply enough. I also just found out recently about jar packagings and I was chocked. High skin care companies like Formiga have almost all of their creams in a jar!

  6. I only found out about number one a few months ago. What an eye opener. But I'm wondering, why exactly is an SPF of more than 30 not worth the investment?

  7. that sounds brilliant. definitely go for it :) this way I have some lists to check off when buying new skincare products. really helpful!

  8. good tips :) you should do more posts like these. I'm always careful about skin care, but I'm not as informed as I'd like to be.. so a clear overview like this really makes a world of difference! thank you :)

  9. Hi Natasja. It's funny that you are mentioning that I was thinking about doing another post specifically on ingredients and maybe another one on brands to avoid and which brands are good.