Sunday, March 16, 2014

Catrice mono eyeshadow in starlight espresso, candydate and nice ice baby

If you follow Dutch and German blogs, chances are you have seen many positive reviews about the mono eyeshadows from Catrice. Out of the range probably the most reviewed and loved shade is Starlight espresso, a medium dark taupe shade dupe of MAC copperplate.

This eyeshadow is smooth buttery and pigmented. It's the perfect shade to contour the eye and can also be used as a brow powder on cool tone brunettes. It's easy to blend and the staying power is also great.

wearing starlight espresso on the crease

I was so impressed that I went back to kruidvat and bought to of their recently released shades. I love a good pastel color and for 2.89 euros a piece I figure I could give it a shot.

nice ice baby (l) and candydate (r)

Unfortunately, Catrice doesn't offer any tester for these and I had to take a leap of faith on those one and I honestly wished I didn't and that I would stick to colors that were reviewed and approved by others.

Those are probably the worst eyeshadows I've ever tried. Candydate is especially bad, unpigmented and dry. They are invisible without a thick base underneath. I had to swatch them on a lilac corrector in order to show them to you.

candydate (l) and nice ice baby (r)

I'm really disappointed by those shades I guess I can use them as an inner corner highlight, but I was already using my MUFE midnight glow palette for that purpose (which in retrospect wasn't so bad!).
nice ice baby on a base!

I'm a fair skin lady and they really don't show up much. If you want to try Catrice eyeshadow research them first and stick to the neutral dark colors which seam to be consistently good according to most reviews I've read. 
candydate on a base again! 

Also beware they are not sealed so make sure nobody tried to test them first! I wanted to try one of the nice cream shade they had and they all were tested by some random costumer.

Overall, from what I can see Catrice eyeshadow are hit and miss. If you are still in the lookout for a great medium dark cool crease shade, starlight espresso is a wonderful option.


  1. too bad the color pay off is weak, their names are cute tho... vanilla nice ice baby na na na na :P

  2. Me neither! Some of their eyeshadows are good, but I can't always take a risk and hope for the best!

  3. peggy timmermansMay 16, 2014 at 4:02 PM

    I am not really convinced I must admit...

  4. They make shadow pencils, l'Oreal as well.

  5. How about Gosh? Do they have cream eyeshadows?

  6. The bastards discontinued their cream eyeshadows! I really wanted to try them.There is less and less drugstore cream eyeshadows available. 2B makes some good one, but most of the shades are crazy bright and really aimed at teens.

  7. So far I haven't had great experiences with Catrice eyeshadows.. maybe it's because I have medium skin so you don't really see the colors as well as I'd like them to on my skin. However, I do have this one great creamy eyeshadow by Catrice.

  8. Chameleon was awesome apparently, but it's part of the shades that got discontinued and replaced by one of those six new shades!

  9. I really like Catrice eyeshadow. It's cheap as hell, but the quality is actually really good for what you pay, at least most of the time. I have this really cute khaki green shade called Chameleon (or something like that), and I love it.