Monday, March 3, 2014

Catrice camouflage cream review

Catrice is German brand that is virtually unknown in North America. It a drugstore brand that is very affordable. I actually stumbled on a review of the camouflage cream written by a make up artist that said it was very similar to mac full coverage foundation and studio concealer. The mac studio concealer is 18 euros for 7 grams and the catrice around 3 euros for 3 grams which makes it more or less half the price per gram.

As you can see by the picture above I have quite a lot of redness in my skin. In order to demonstrate the coverage of the concealer, I used it as a cream foundation

As you can see the coverage is a-ma-zing! I am so impressed by this concealer that I wonder what I was doing without it.

Here is my full face with it on top of moisturizer

And with a bit of colour added back into my face

I am trilled about this concealer. It really want to test more products from Catrice. This is especially good for face concealing. On most days I use something less thick under my eyes. I love the fact that it double so well as a full coverage foundation. I would say that the biggest down side is that it comes in only three colours and this is the middle shade (020 light beige)! 

If you can find a match though it's really worth it. 


  1. Hi Christina thanks for your visit I will definitely check your blog. You may like OCC concealers if you are into cruelty free brands, they make a similar texture apparently.

  2. I found another good product from Catrice actually I will review it probably on Friday. But yes you have to research it with brands like that.

  3. Christina McGuireMay 16, 2014 at 4:04 PM

    Hi Judith! Just came across you while reading another blog I follow :) I am your newest follower and just wanted to say HI. I am going to look into this concealer! Thanks for the post. Hope you'll come over to my blog and follow along with my in south Florida.


    The McGuire Family

  4. yes, wow. this makes a world of difference! I have a hard time finding good products by Catrice (that aren't nail polishes), but I think I should just try more often.

  5. I actually tried one of their shadow I will review it soon!

  6. Oh wow, this sounds like such a gem at a great price! Catrice has some nice eyeshadows as well. You should check those out!

  7. Thanks. I bought it very yellow on purpose, because I planned to use it on my red patches and it's great for cancelling redness under or after foundation. But I use something more peachy pink under my eyes most days.

  8. wow it has an amazing coverage! and i thought at first it was going to be too yellow on your skin tone but it blended really well on your skin. pretty :)

  9. The color range really needs to be improved for sure. The darker shade is also very pink based which is good for under eyes, but not so much for redness and pimples.

  10. I have this one too. Unfortunately I got the wrong shade, so it's too light for me and it gives me that reversed panda eye look :-S But the formula is really nice indeed, and the coverage is great.