Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Product review: L'Oreal infallible eyeshadow in hourglass beige and permanent kaki

I decided to take a break from skin care posts and go back to a make up review for today. There is actually quite a lot of products that I bought and haven't reviewed yet.

The l'Oreal infallible eyeshadow is a cream-powder hybrid very similar to Armani eyes to kill or Chanel illusion d'ombre. These eyeshadows are on the pricey side for the drugstore at around 13 euros for 3.5g. They come in a plastic container with a screw cap and they have a little lid inside to keep the powder pressed.

I swatched all of the shades available last time I was at Inno and they are all very shimmery or pearly. I wouldn't recommend these eyeshadows for mature eyelids. I chose permanent kaki (I know weird spelling) a nice moss green with a golden reflection and hourglass beige a champagne color.

The pigmentation of both shade is great and the staying power is also great. The reason why I'm not so crazy about them is that I find the formula a bit gimmicky and unpractical. The texture is very slippery and can be a bit hard to work with. To get a similar finish I much prefer a regular eyeshadow like mac eyeshadows in the veluxe pearl finish or Inglot in the pearl finish. I also prefer a real cream shadow over this texture which tend to stick better to the lid.  I don't find that the result is worth the trouble.

Wearing permanent kaki 

Are the infallible eyeshadows beautiful? Yes
Are they pigmented? Yes
Do they have good staying power? Yes
Can you achieve a similar look faster with either a traditional powder eyeshadow or a cream eyeshadow? Oh yes!

I think honestly this is the latest fad, a bit like the lip butter fad and the twist up pencil lip product. We will probably keep seeing everybody doing this till the fad is over. If you want to try them I would recommend the mid-toned eyeshadows most of them would work great as a stand-alone eyeshadow (like I did with the permanent kaki)


  1. Hi Shayne! The color tattoos are completely different! They are real cream eyeshadow that are on the dryer side of things! The infallible are powder that feel almost like at cream. They feel almost wet and the texture is really sillicon and slippery. They are both good, but I prefer the color tattoo, because like you said they aren't that shimmery for the most part, and they can be layered. The infallible are ore stand alone eyeshadows.

  2. ive always wondered how these are or if they are similar to maybellines color tattoo but if they are mega shimmery theyre probably very different from each other since the tattoo colors are more satiny imo, or at least the ones i have. thanks for the very honest review, i always like reading about your unbiased opinions on products :)

  3. Permanent kaki is definitely a very nice muted color. It looks great on his own or with a chocolate brown on the crease.

    I'm sorry they didn't stay on you! That's too bad, especially at around 13$ for one shade!

  4. Hey Judith, ahhh you picked great shades! I've tried a couple of these, but unfortunately they fade on me even on top of a primer. I haven't tried them wet though. Maybe I should because I keep seeing shades that I want to wear! Permanent Kaki is definitely something I'd happily sport :)

  5. Exactly. I think some of the shades are really more unique and those are worth it, but there is nothing revolutionary about the result.

  6. Thanks for the honest review. I agree, eventhough these are great, normal eyeshadow on its own works just as well, if not better.

  7. That kaki shade is really nice, and it's worth it because of the shade. I would probably buy again, but not the palest or the darker shades. I find the finish and formula is good with medium shade all over the lid on it's own.

    I think I'm overly critical because of the price for a drugstore product. I wish they would put less product and charge less! because they are so slippery I find them a bit hard to apply next to my eyelashes.

    I don't find them hard to apply per say, but I prefer my products to be a bit dryer.

  8. Well, I would use those more nude colors as a brow highlighter or in the inner corner of your eyes.. not really for on the lid. I do love the kaki one on you! Looks really good. I have 4 eyeshadows from this collection and I definitely like them and they are easy to apply because of their structure. But the eyeshadows are quite pricey and I would not buy them for 13 euros, which is why my colors are from the old collection! xD

  9. Unfortunately, especially the paler shades! My eyelids can look a bit creapy if I overdo it with hourglass beige.

  10. peggy timmermansMay 16, 2014 at 4:03 PM

    Those are really good but you're right, not suitable for mature eyes.