Sunday, March 23, 2014

BareMinerals ready eyeshadow 8.0 palette in The power neutrals

In December, I made a post regarding a Sephora Canada haul that I did prior to my mother's visit. This is one of the things I picked up.

I'm pretty late in the neutral bandwagon, I do not typically wear brights, but I'm more of a pastel and muted colors woman. I heard so many raves about the ready eyeshadow from BareMinerals including from Temptalia and Wayne Goss that I figured it would be a good occasion to go neutral. This palette is pretty much of a true neutral palette it doesn't lean super warm, nor super cool.

Here's a swatch of the colors

And with flash

Don't be fooled by this picture the colors are all very pigmented, they simply do not contrast much with my fair skin.

The palette is very compact and small, but the eyeshadows contain 1g of product each which is two third of a MAC eyeshadow. They are all very pigmented and you only need to gently tap your brush in it.

Three of the shades contain shimmer and the rest are all satin or matte finish. I really do like this palette, I think this is a great options for the ladies a bit too fair for most neutral palettes and mature women. I do think they could have put a bit more contrast in there though.


  • The shades do not lean too warm
  • Highly pigmented
  • Long wearing
  • Lots of matte eyeshadow, you can do a full look without needing to add another eyeshadow from your stash
  • Good for travel
  • Not a lot of contrast in between the shades.
  • The only really dark color in there is less pigmented than the rest
  • The palette as a mirror gold finish that's always full of finger prints
  • 10$ more expensive in Canada than in the US.

Here's a picture of me wearing the most of the beige and brown shades from the palette

As you can see you can make a very soft and work appropriate look with the palette. If you like colors that pacts more of a punch, Bareminerals has some really nice duos and quads. I really recommend checking the out, formula wise it's really amazing.


  1. It is a great basic to have!

  2. peggy timmermansMay 16, 2014 at 4:02 PM

    The colours are very basic and perfect for a daylook. I like this palette!

  3. Thank you. I like the palette a lot as well. The quality is really good, and the colors are really foolproof and they go with any look.

  4. Oh how cute do you look in that last pic? I quite like this palette. The colors don't exactly stand out or pop, but I think they're great for flattering everyday looks.

  5. I would say it's slightly cheaper. You can get them on Sephora amongst others.

  6. how much are these judith? are they same price range as mac? :)

  7. It's really a nice palette. It just doesn't swatch very good. But I bought a much better camera that I will receive tomorrow!

  8. Hey Judith, ahhh so jealous you have this one! I can see your point though. Maybe a different skin tone will get along better with these shades. Still, love the look you did!

  9. It's really a palette more for the fair to light-medium skin tones for sure. It's not an exciting palette, but it's perfect for a conservative look. And thank you.

  10. the colors looks good but they don't really stand out... and there's too many colors in there that I'd use as a highlighter..making this palette a no-go for me. Still I'd like to try some things by this brand! You look gorgeous, btw.