Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel liner review

When it comes to eye liner, my technique really evolved in the last 10 years. I started with pencil eye liners, then I went to liquid and just using dark eyeshadows as powder eye liners. Last year I really got addicted to gel and cream eye liners and I never looked back.

The Maybelline eye studio gel eye liners come in 4 shades in Canada and US and one in Belgium. I tried all four shades and 3 of them are great and one of them (eggplant) was plain awful. It went in the Garbage. So please if you listen to my rave review, avoid the purple color at any cost.

The four colors available are :

  • eggplant a purple shade with virtually no pigmentation
  • brown a nice slightly cool toned matte coco brown
  • graphite a metallic dark gray 
  • blackest black a matte black (that's the only shade available in Belgium)
The eyeliner also comes with a small brush which I don't use with the eyeliner but I use it to cover pimples. The three shades I still own are really pigmented, they do not transfer and they are really flattering. The brown one is the one I use mostly for everyday.

My preferred method of application is with a bent eyeliner brush. It's really fool proof and easy to control.

Here's a picture of me wearing the brown color.

Here's a swatch with flash of the three "good" colors.

Brown, graphite and blackest black


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