Friday, October 4, 2013

Excel spreadsheet to organize your make up

I'm at this point in my make up life where my makeup stash is really becoming a bit overwhelming. I'm planing on buying more storage and depoting most of my eyeshadows and blushes. The thing is, physically organizing the stash is the easy part, sorting out everything is much trickier.

Anyway, these last few days I started doing some excel spread sheet to organize everything.

Here's an overview of my single eyeshadow tab

I tried, as concise as possible, to note all the features on every eyeshadow I own.

  • Description
  • finish
  • brand
  • cost and cost per gram
  • performance
  • color category...
What really helps also is that you can of course sort everything. Here's as an example my collection of single purple eyeshadow 

What I really like also is that I can really see the value. In the example above, I think my best purchase is Make up for ever diamond shadow. It's the only eyeshadow that perfoms perfectly in the blendability, longevity and overall pigmentation. The eyeshadow also costs less per gram than MAC. 

For more simple categories, like eyeliners, I've used far less tabs.

I also used this tool to track down the date of purchase of fragile products like foundation and mascara. I also included a tab wishlist. With a detailed description of everything I own I can focus on buying things that I have less of.

In a nutshell here's the advantage of cataloging your stash
  • Avoid buying repeats and products that under perform
  • Focus on getting colors and finishes that you don't already own
  • Avoid keeping expired products
  • Buying products that are a good value for the size
  • Planing make up looks in advance
  • Using all your stash
  • knowing how much you spend.


  1. True enough, it's very important you remember what you thought of certain products. When your collection becomes to big you might just overlook things!

  2. It's really pratical because with excel you can choose to see only one color or category. If you want a template let me know I can send it to you.

  3. you are so organized and you have a huge make up collection! ^^ i have a notebook where in i write all my beauty expenses to keep track of how much they cost. its not too big yet that i need to excell it but ill keep this in mind in case my collection grow bigger and bigger :P