Sunday, October 27, 2013

product review: clinique all about shadow duo in strawberry fudge

Now that I'm back to work, my time in the morning is significantly reduced to get ready. I recently discovered an old favorite, clinique duo in strawberry fudge.

Lately clinique as been investing a lot of time and marketing effort in the rebranding of their eyeshadow formulations and they came up with new single quads and duos. One of the thing that they kept untouched is their semi-famous duo in strawberry fudge. On that duo is by far the most reviewed eyeshadow of clinique and I can understand why.

The duo contains 2.2g of products and costs 27 euros in Belgium (25CAN$ and 20US$) which is quite expensive for this amount of product, it's more or less the same price per gram as a MAC eyeshadow. I would say this compact it's still worth it if your really into both of the colors.

The first 2/3 of the compact contains a light pink gold duochrome shade and the last third a plumy brown gold shade. Those colors are meant two be sheer with a pretty gold reflection. The pink shade looks more gold or more pink depending on the lighting.

Here's a swatch of the color

This is the kind of shades that also looks really good on a color base. Because they both contain a gold duochrome you barely need to do any blending. They are easy to apply alone with a flat lay-down brush (like the mac 239).

Here's how the colors look on my eyes on top of concealer without any mascara or eyeliner

As you can see on some part the light eyeshadow looks more gold and on other parts more pink.

Here's the finish look

Overall this is really one of my favorite for work. It's sheer and creamy so it's easy to apply on the go and the staying power is good. I sometimes wear it on top of a bronze or rose gold cream eyeshadow for a more dramatic look. Those are also colors that are flattering on all eye colors.


  1. Hm, at first it didn't look that impressive but I have to say that I love the finished look! I need to try more of Clinique's make-up products.

  2. I find in general clinique make up to be very flattering. It's really not an high fashion brand but they do make good work appropriate make up.

  3. I am not convinced. It's too sheer for me.

  4. I really like the effect of it, but I wouldn't pay 27 euros for it though.