Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Five High end products that aren't worth the money

1. MAC luster and veluxe eyeshadows.
I've tried all of the mac eyeshadow finishes except the two mattes ones (I use make up for ever and inglot for mattes) and luster and veluxe are by far the worst finishes ever. That's a complete waste of money. The luster finish is just a very dry glittery finish and veluxe is a smoother to the touch matte finish, but with very little pigmentation. The shade picture is brown down. You can get much better matte eyeshadows out there. If you want to buy mac I think veluxe pearl and frost are the most consistent finishes.

2. Bobbi brown gel liner in violet ink
Why is it so hard to get a good purple liner? I'm really about to give up. This one is very bad, poor pigmentation, poor wear and looks like a soft black on the eye. Save your money on that shade. I'm going to try it some more for a week or two, but this will probably end in in the garbage can. What a shame.

3. Make up for ever aqua liner in 11 diamond burgundy
Unlike the awesome diamond burgundy eyeshadow this is poor in quality. I will finish it but I won't repurchase. It's extremely hard to apply with my thick naturally curled eyelashes without ruining my eyelashes, you need to shake it like crazy to get even color and if you touch it once dry it flakes off! I heard the other colors are better, but this one isn't good.

4. Mac dazzleglass lip glosses.
This is actually a very nice product, but nothing is worth that much money. It comes in a VERY deceptive packaging. The regular glosses from MAC (lipglass) are 4.8 grams for 18 bucks, this is costs around 23 dollars or euros for only 1.92g. It's smaller than some sample sizes! The color featured is smile.

5. Make up for ever lab shine lipgloss.
Like mac it's a nice product, but it has such a small quantity in it. 2.2 g for a pretty high price. I highly recommend instead the super lipgloss from MUFE which is around the same price or less for 10ml. When it comes to lipglosses read the packaging and avoid anything under 4g. A lot of companies make a very thick plastic tube that gives the illusion of more product that it actually contains.


  1. Ouch, what a shame, thanks for the warning!

  2. No problem! It's so frustrating to invest in a high end brand and realize that the product you were recommended isn't good or is very deceptive.

  3. Hm, hadn't expected that from the MUFE aqua liner as mine is so good, though it's in a different color. But that can make a big difference, obviously. Good photo's!

  4. I think there is really something with the red pigment and eyeliners. Everytime I try a purple eyeliner it fails. I also checked the reviews on this shade and other people were saying tha same thing, especially about the flaking.