Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Product review Make up for ever Face & body foundation

This is my absolute HG light to medium coverage foundation. I've been using this foundation consistently for 10 years and I've never been out of it since I've discovered it. I own it in two shades, both of which are pink toned 2  and 38 which is the palest shade. I actually realized lately that number 2 is too dark for me. When I started buying it number 2 was one of the only pale shades available and I kept on purchasing it out of habit. What I do now is mixing the two shades depending on my skin tone. next time I will purchase number 20 which is more neutral toned.

Here's a swatch on the shades (38 right and 2 left)

What's really nice about this foundation is the texture it's a gel-like texture that contains absolutely no fillers. You can build it up without being caky and it's absolutely transfer proof it's great to cover veins on legs as well. It also really looks like skin and gives a nice natural finish.

Before foundation

After one layer of foundation
As you can see it does even outs the skin without looking like I'm wearing make up. I can also build it up to a medium coverage if I add more layers. I usually just put a bit of concealer on my redness and circles and it's enough.


  • Lightweight and never caky
  • Natural finish
  • feels good on dry skin
  • Doesn't change color
  • Long lasting and transfer free
  • Contains a flowery fragrance
  • Complicated color numbers (38 being paler than 2, but both in the light range?)
  • Doesn't cover everything
Overall I'm very please with this foundation, it contains a generous amount of 50 ml for around 35 euros. You can purchase this at sephora.fr or at the make up forever store in Brussels.


  1. Such a bother that it is hard to find in Belgium, though.

  2. Yeah it is. Armani makes a similar one but it costs twice the price.

  3. Hmm I assume it's not too suitable for oily, very blemished skin then. Bummer.

  4. Oily with the right primer yes, but to cover blemishes no.