Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Five products I will finish but not repurchase

Like most beauty enthusiasts I own a bit too much make up. In order to be "allowed" to do more serious purchases I have to finish some. They are all products that I can finish pretty quickly and that are flawed but not enough to put in the garbage. I will use all of those products five days a week till they are finish. I'm also starting a new job on Monday so I will use those products as my work look.

1. Maybelline FIT ME liquid foundation in 115.
I actually quite like this foundation, moisturizing, good coverage, non irritating on me. But it's just so PINK. Like seriously pink. It also doesn't stay all day and it can apply a bit streaky with fingers. I'm also limiting myself to three foundations now: one tinted moisturizer, one everyday light to medium foundation and one for special occasions and nights out.

2. The Body shop loose powder in 02
I had this for a while. It's not bad but not great. I just need to commit to one powder for now and finish it. Since FIT ME needs to be set it's a good occasion for me to finally get rid of it.

3. Maybelline color whisper in rose of attraction
I did a long review on this. It's not so good and since it's balmy and week in pigmentation it's quite easy to finish.

4. Rimmel exxagerate eyeliner in black
This is not a bad eyeliner, but I just prefer cream or powder eyeliner. I also have several black eyeliner and this one doesn't contain much product and it should be easy to finish. It's a cheap eyeliner but it doesn't stay all day and if I calculate the price per gram this is the most expensive eyeliner I own (per gram of course).

5. Covergirl simply ageless cream blush in royal plum
This is probably the product that I'm forcing myself to finish that I have the most fun finishing. I just had it for a while and Covergirl is phasing out this product. Because cream blushes expire you can't keep them for more then two years and I need to finish some of mine in order to try something else, like the new Bourjois one that just looks glorious!

I have other products on the rotation to finish, mainly lip products and face products - the easiest thing to finish - but because they have been discontinued for so long, I don't think it's interesting for you to see them. I usually use my own pictures, but with the moving and getting ready for the new job in French, German and English I ran out of time!


  1. Oh, what a pity about the Maybelline product because it just looks so beautiful!! Good luck with your new job. Exciting times :D

  2. I liked the Maybelline Fit Me foundation too, but for my oily skin the finish of it is too dewy.

  3. Even with dry skin it has a tendancy to turn to oil. It's the only foundation I set.

  4. Thank you!
    None of those products are awful they are just not worth repurchasing