Friday, October 18, 2013

Ten tricks to make some tricky beauty products work

1. If a lipstick is a bit too brown for your skin coloring use it as a blush

2. If a pencil eyeliner is too dry or too creamy apply it with an eyeliner brush

3. If you don't like your conditioner you can use it as a shaving cream

4. For a bad shampoo use it as an hand wash

5. For too shimmery and frosty lipstick, you can use them as an highlighter for travel

6. Too waxy lipbalms make good eyebrow wax
8. Very powdery light eyeshadows are good to blend dark colors on the crease.

9. Splotchy dark eyeshadows are often good as an eyeliner or only in the outer corner of the eye with another crease color. 

10. If loose eyeshadows do not stay on your lids try mixing them with water to use as an eyeliner if it's dark or mixed in your foundation to use as an highlighter if it's a pale color. 


  1. im gonna try the conditioner as shaving cream :D :D :D bit scared and excited to see how it goes :P

  2. Let me know how it goes! My bf tried it once when he forgot his electric razor and he was super enthusiast. He was screaming in the bathroom,OMG my skin is so soft, why don't more people know about this!

  3. Yes, number 5 I have applied :D it works perfectly.

  4. These are great tips, I am all over multitasking with products or using them in a different way than intended :-)