Friday, November 1, 2013

Essence silky touch blush review in natural beauty and secret it girl

Essence is definitely my make up brand discovery of 2013. Every product I tried from them was ranging somewhere between average and excellent and their prices are so low. I haven't so far experienced a dud with the brand.

Of all the products I've tried, their blush would certainly be in my top 3. The silky touche blush is a powder blush with an almost creamy feeling, hence the name. They come in 5 colors and they contain 2.5g of products and they cost around 3 euros or dollars depending on where you are from. The packaging, like a lot of essence products is very basic.

I chose the colors secret it girl and natural beauty. They also have beautiful pinks, but I already own and wear pink pretty much everyday. I thought that since those blush are so cheap it would be fun to experiment with colors I don't wear as much.

Natural beauty

Natural beauty is a brown nude blush with a satin finish. It is smooth, easy to blend and to build up. It's a great color for a bronze look or for ladies like me with a lot of redness in their cheeks. I also love to mix it with pink blushes town them down and give more dimension. It's also quite an interesting color and finish for a cheap brand

The staying power on this particular blush is pretty bad though. I have to reapply after three hours. I keep this one for the weeks ends during the day when I don't need super long staying power. If you don't mind reapplying and you have a small budget this could be a good option for you.

Here's how it looks on me on top of foundation (applied heavily to see the color)

Secret it girl

Secret it girl is a bright coral blush with a slight silver glitter. It has the same quality as the natural beauty color, but with a slightly better staying power (about 4 hours).

Here's the blush on me

The bottom line
Essence silky touch blush are very good blushes for the price, it does fails on the staying power, but for the price you pay they are quite good. They can also be good for trying new colors you don't usually wear to see if it's worth it for you to invest in a more expensive brand. I'm quite satisfied with them but I won't purchase any of the pinks since I already own great ones like tarte dollface or benefit dandelion.


  1. I like that you're so happy with this brand. :) It sucks though that the staying power isn't as long as desired, but for the price you're paying for it I find it something that can be overlooked haha.

  2. you and vanessa citronandguavaberry like the same blushes ^^ too bad it does not have good staying power but i guess for the price its okay :)

  3. Yeah exactly! I wouldn't buy it in my signature blush color (light pink) but to experiment with colors I don't wear as much those are definitely fun!

  4. I just went ahead and read her post. She also bought them in Canada and she reviewed the colors I haven't reviewed =). Yeah I'm also a bit disappointed about the staying power but it doesn't seam to be as much of an issue on the brighter shades.

  5. Sounds quite okay, thanks for the honest review :-)