Monday, November 18, 2013

Color correcting primer overview and blue primer review

As promised here's an overview of different color correcting primers and three brand suggestions for each shades.

Green primer

I already reviewed this on Saturday, but it is meant to conceal redness since they cancel each other and are the opposite on the color wheel.

Yellow primer
Yellow primers got famous last year when Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her slathered in it. It  can brighten medium dark skin and also slightly neutralize strong red undertones.

Pink primer
Pink corrects dullness and sallowness on ladies with yellow undertone.

Lilac primer

Purple is the opposite color than yellow on the colour wheel and those primers are meant to correct sallowness.

Apricot primer

This shade is to even out skin discoloration and sun spots.

Caramel primer
This is the equivalent of the pink primer but for darker skin tones. It combats dullness and ashiness.

And finally a blue primer review 

Blue primers are probably the hardest shade to find in non professional brands. It is a bit more popular apparently in South East Asia.  It is meant to add radiance, reduce minor imperfection and give a porcelain effect to fair skin. I wasn't sure if I would like it so I bought mine from the professional brand Kryolan which is considerably cheaper than the MUFE version. I like the effect better than green primer on my face it think it even outs my skin quite nicely. The color is exactly like it appears on the picture above.It is heavily fragranced, if you are sensitive to it I would steer clear. The texture is also thick and not "sillicony".

It is also available in yellow, lilac, green and white (for theater).

Here's as always my face before.
 Now with the primer smoothed on my face after serum

It does brighten the face and help conceal a bi of my redness, enough for it to be covered by the foundation after.

Now with one layer of foundation and a bit of peachy pink blush
As much as I like the smashbox primer texture I must say this primer is much more effective and much cheaper! I also like the porcelain effect I get with the blue primer, and less risk of going overboard and looking like an alien. I also didn't need to add any yellow corrector and almost everything was covered. Like with most primer, do not apply heavy moisturizer first, and always smooth it, to not rub.

I hope this was helpful, I will post around Wednesday a post on under eye correcting. Stay tuned!


  1. I like the overview of different color/products, some I didn't know yet :D Unfortunately the latter pictures are a bit blurry so I can't really see the differences?

  2. It's not a dramatic difference if it would I'd most likely look blue. But it evens out the skin a bit and give a more luminous glow.

  3. Right now I just use neutral primer, but I have tried yellow-based primer in the past and it did look good.

  4. Yellow is definitely the most universally flattering shade of all of those.

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