Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Heavy under eye darkness? Stop concealing, start correcting!

A lot of women are self conscious about their under eye circle. It's a common "problem".

If you have heavy undereye circle, using a concealer one shade paler that your foundation - as recommended most of the time - will only aggravate the problem. In makeup lighter shades highlight and bring forward. You may need to correct first, than foundation and then a tiny bit of brightening concealer.

How to choose the right corrector shade 

  • Go for a shade slightly darker then your skin tone. You can't truly cover something if you go with a too light shade! 
  • If you have bluish under circles you can go for a pink or apricot shade like bobbi brown corrector in the bisque shades. 
  • If you have hyper pigmentation go for peach shades like the peach shades from Bobbi brown line of corrector or Eve pearl salmon concealer. 
If you don't have serious circles
  •   Then you can just use liquid concealer on top of your foundation. Choosing one that is slightly pink will cover the blueness you may have. Slightly yellow concealer do a great job of brightening.
Ok now Enough talking and let's put two correctors in action.

Corrector number one: Benefit erase paste in medium

Like most benefit products, the range is quite limited. I got this one in a kit, but because it is apricot and darker than my skin it is great as an under eye corrector. The regular size of this comes with a little spatula to scoop the product out. You really need very little of this. I strongly recommend blending it with your fingers, it really has a paste consistency the warmth of the fingers applies it easily and sparingly.

The picture on the left is my bare eye and on the right with the corrector

Corrector number 2 cinema secret corrector series in 605-61
 Cinema secret is a professional brand intended for make up artists. The corrector series comes in different shades for different concerns. This is the palest shade for under eye concealing. The middle shades is the one used by the most people and is peach instead of apricot like this one. Because I don't have severe under eye darkness I went for this one. This is extremely pigmented! You have to apply very little. It's also quite cheap  because of that. Much cheaper than brands like bobbi brown and eve pearl. You can get this at camera ready cosmetics online.

Here's the before after picture.

As you can see both correctors do a very similar job. If you use the right shade and buy a good quality corrector you can truly erase under eye darkness. Remember to use very little or it will crease in your fine lines.

Here's the full result with foundation, eye make up and a smidge of brightening concealer (with cinema secret)

 And you do you conceal or correct? 


  1. Yes it is. It's really one of the classic mistakes. I do however use lighter concealer to highlight, but never to hide!

  2. very helpful post.. Concealer lighter than skin tone is a misconception & makes u look bad on photos..

  3. great article! as it happens i'm writing one about concealers as well haha. they can certainly make a huge difference.

  4. Thanks! Looking forward to reading your input on the matter =)

  5. I conceal and correct, lol :-) I always make sure not to use too much product though, because sometimes that just makes everything look worse.

  6. For sure! In doubt just do one of the two if you can't control yourself!

  7. peggy timmermansMay 16, 2014 at 4:06 PM

    I LOVE the Bobbi Brown bisque shades to correct circkles underneath the eyes! Goes standard in my kit!

  8. Make up artists seem to prefer the bisque shade in general! Thanks for your visit.