Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rosewood cheeks and lips with make up for ever

Yesterday, I had the immense pleasure to discover Lille. The first thing I did is run to a sephora (I know I have a problem).

I was planning on buying some Nars and Urban decay, but they had a tiny shade selection and I'm still on the fence on the naked palettes (too warm toned for me). Instead I opted for 3 make up for ever products, two of which I will review today.

Rouge artist intense in 30 light rosewood and sculpting blush in 12 rosewood

I've been a MUFE fan for 10 years but I haven't actually tested the rouge artist and the sculpting blush since their lunch. The former lipsticks from MUFE were so fragranced that it was making me dizzy. I'm happy to say that they fixed that problem.

Here's a swatch of the two products
Lipstick left and blush right

Rouge artist intense in 30 

I bought this lipstick because I was looking for a nice long wearing pigmented lipstick for work. I usually don't spend much money on classic "muggle" shades when I comes to lipstick but I heard good things about the MUFE formula and I wanted to give it a shot.

Like all MUFE products it uses a number system. All the lipsticks numbered between 1 and 8 are matte and the other ones are satin or pearl, this one been a satin finish.

It's extremely pigmented and I applied it with a lip brush and got opaque finish in one go. I think this is also a nice versatile color that doesn't lean too warm or cool and should me flattering on most women. Like most longwearinng formula it isn't moisturizing, but it's not very drying either. You can get a solid 4 hours of wearing if you apply a thicker layer.

It's 20.50 euros for 3.5g at Sephora France.

Sculpting blush in 12

Make up for ever offers three types of blushes the HD blushes (cream) the regular blushes which comes in a 2,5 pan like the eyeshadows and the sculpting blushes (5.5 g).

Here's a comparison picture of the sculpting blush next to a regular one
The sculpting blushes come in a very simple pan without any mirror or brush and unlike the the regular kind you can't buy a refill pan. They come in 24 shades (12 cool and 12 warm) and three finishes (matte, shimmery and satin).The shade 12 is part of the cool toned and matte finish shade. It's a very nice rose shade with a hint of plum. It gives a nice out from the cold color.

The formula is one of the best I've seen and I own a lot of blushes. It's very smooth, pigmented, blendable and the staying power is great. I would say that this is definitely one of my three favorite blushes.

The downside compare two the other type of blush is that you can't put it in a MUFE palette like the other type of blush and it doesn't double as an eyeshadow. You do get more than twice the amount though and the texture is smoother and less powdery.

This one costs 25,90 euro at sephora.

Here's a picture of me wearing the blush and the lipstick


  1. really like that color of lipstick on you, it is also one of my favorite shades to wear :D i think mac brave is similar to it :)

  2. It's one of my favorite too! I find it looks chic and laid-back at the same time

  3. I love the color of the lipstick and blush! wow. Just amazing :D