Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Product battle: MAC select cover-up vs Make up for ever lift concealer

Make up for ever and MAC are two companies that started up for make up artists and made their way into the greater public's heart. They also bought have a similar type of market. Today I decided to compare two of the lesser knows face products from both companies, both of which are light coverage liquid concealer and see which one performs the best.

First contestant Make up for ever lift concealer
Price: This concealer costs around 20 euros for 15ml making it 1,33 euro per ml.
Texture: liquid and creamy
Shade range: available in 5 shades

Here's a swatch on the color 1 described as pink beige
Second contestant MAC select cover up
Price: This concealer costs around 18 euros for 10ml making it 1,80 euro per ml.
Texture: liquid and a bit runnier than the lift concealer
Shade range: available in 17 shades!

Here's a swatch of the shade nw20

And now the performance...

Both concealer were easy to apply and to blend, they didn't settle in my fine lines and wore for the whole day.

Here's my eye and the lift concealer

And with the select cover up concealer

And now with mac on the left and Make up for ever on  the right

And the winner is... MAC select cover up!

With its better coverage, its similar wear and its much better color range MAC is a clear winner on that one. I even ask my boyfriend which eye was the best and he was actually able to see the difference.

Kudos to make up for ever for the generous amount of product and the brightening capacity of the concealer, but without corrector it just doesn't cover enough on its own.


  1. I have the same concealer and I wasn't happy about it at all in the beginning. Then I decided to try it again and build it up with 2 layers. It looks a lot better now and I love it ^_^

  2. Both of those aren't meant to be full coverage and I love the fact that they don't settle in my wrinkles, but yeah you need to do a bit of buildup to get a solid medium coverage.

  3. Hey Judith, thanks for the comparison! I haven't tried any of these, though I know my undereye area is really painfully picky. Concealers tend to either sink into fine lines I don't even have (or maybe I should say crease) or they could be so rich that they make my eyeliner smudge. I'm glad you've found something you like so much though!

  4. Thanks for the the comparison! I haven't tried any of these, though. I personally use a Glominerals concealer as undereye concealer.

  5. I have the same problem then you, so I need a nice light concealer with good coverage!

  6. You're welcome! Gotta stick to what works!

  7. I've tried neither so far. I wonder if they come in my color though! but I've already two different brands in mind for new foundation :D

  8. Both of those brands have options for any skin tone darker than medium! Mac has quite an impressive color range. Looking forward to finding out your new foundation!