Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Make up for ever midnight glow palette review

On my last visit to sephora, I also picked up the midnight glow holiday palette from make up for ever. I must say I haven't got as lucky with this one as with the other two items I purchased.

Like most of MUFE palettes, the quality isn't on par with their regular eyeshadow range. This contains 8 x 1g eyeshadows six of which are limited shade and made in a "special diamond shadow formulation" which is pretty much a sheer glittery shade similar to what you obtain with loose eyeshadows.

Here's a list of the colors included:
Snow white: a translucide glittery white shide
Gun metal: a translucide glittery medium gray shade
Icy blue: a translucide glittery light silvery blue
Icy  pink: a translucide glittery light silvery pink
04 : their permanent matte black shade with excellent pigmentation
Gold pink: a translucide glittery rose gold shade
Midnight purple: a semi opaque greyish purple
127: a warm light taupe shade par of their permanent range with a satin finish

The compact design is great it's thin and slim and it include two very usable brushes.

Here's a swatch of the colors without flash

And with flash

The main problem with this palette it that it is not advertise a a transparent glitter palette and most people will likely get disappointed by it. They do look nice on and the staying power is good. The palette in itself is quite practical on the go.

You can use them like as said like loose eyeshadows I tried the icy pink on top of lipstick and it looked quite nice. The glitters are two big to use as a cheek highlighter though

Here's how they look on

Midnight purple on the lids, 127 on the crease, snow white in the inner corner and black (dry) as an eyeliner

gold pink on the lid on top of a base, 127 on the crease, icy pink in the inner corner and black applied wet

If you like sheer shimmery cool toned shades you may like this, if you like pigmented eyeshadow that packs a punch I would pass on this palette. You can get a better color payoff if you use them wet, but I'm personnaly not a fan of applying anything wet besides the eyeliner.

Another drawback of this palette is the ratio shimmery shades versus mate and the absence of a pale matte brow color. 

If you are trying to find an alternative of your loose shimmery eyeshadows  on the go you may like this. If you prefer more pigmented colors and satin and matte eyeshadows I would pass.

I highly recommend the black as a single though it's fantastic!


  1. the lighter colors aren't as pigmented as I'd like but I love how it looks on your eyes!

  2. I personally prefer more pigmented colors, so I will pass then. Thanks for the review and the swatches!

  3. thats true, this happened to me once. i thought it was a highly pigmented glitter eye shadow but it turns out to be more transparent. i actually dont like it that way ^^ reminds me of some nyx jumbo pencils where in they lean more on the glitter side vs its color :D thanks for the honest review as always judith :)