Sunday, November 3, 2013

RMS beauty long review

Last May I went to New York and I took the occasion to search for an indie brand. I decided to go for a natural brand called RMS beauty.

All the products in the brand are in a cream form and are coconut based and 100% raw and organic and they come in a small glass jar. They are all free of water so you don't have to worry about bacteria contamination and you can have fun applying them with your hands.

"Un" cover-up in 11

"Un" cover-up is a concealer that can double up as a foundation. I paid 36 US$ for it. The jar contains 5.67g of product and it comes in 4 colors all of which are more yellow toned. The product is meant to melt on the skin and does adjust to a certain extend to your skin color.

As you can see on the pictures bellow, it's especially good to cover redness and face discolorations because of the yellow tone. I don't use it for my full face even though it look quite nice because of the price per quantity that is quite steep.  This is the concealer I use when I use lush color supplement which is also partially oil based.

Here I use it on my dark circle and on my redness near the temple the rest of the face is bare
                               Before                                            after

This is my least favorite product of the range. This particular color is called muse and is discontinued, but they do offer several other. It's not a terrible product but it very grainy as you can see on the picture and it's very drying on the lips. This costs also 36$ for 5.67g. Like the rest of the products it melts on the skin. I like it but not enough to pay 36$ for it again.

Living luminizer 

This is the cult favorite of the brand. It's really almost virtually undetectable. If you want to only try one product of RMS I would recommend that one. I paid 38$ for it. It's really gives a believable glow and look fantastic on. Even though it's oil based it also looks good on top of regular liquid foundation. It's also very natural looking, I put some on the bridge of my nose, top of my cheekbones, brow bone, inner corner and cupid's bow and it doesn't make me look like a disco ball. The color is not leaning cool, nor warm.

Eye shadows in Karma and Magnetic

Those eyeshadows are quite unconventional, this is the type of product you either love or hate. Because they are oil based they never fully set and they are meant to be applied as a sheer wash. I personaly like to wear them on weekends when I want to give my eyelids a break or on days where I know I will have to take out my makeup and change look for the evening. They give a nice sheer glowing color on the eyelid. You have to apply them to bare eyes free or moisturizer. They are a bit like a tinted lip balm for your eyes. They do crease a little bit but you can place them back with your finger. They are 28$ in the US.


Karma is a dark cool tone brown that gives a nice smoky look to the eyes. This is quite pigmented and the swatch slightly stained my arm, but it didn't stain my eyelids. Applied lightly it's very work appropriate.

This is the best seller of the eyeshadow range it's a taupe color with a hint of mauve and it's also one of the products I would repurchase when I finish it along with the concealer and the luminizer.
(I'm also wearing on this pic the living luminizer, "un" cover-up and the lip tp cheeks in muse with lush color supplement as a base color).

You may like like RMS products if 
  • If you like easy to apply products that can be applied with the fingers
  • If you like organic products and cruelty free products
  • If you like cream product
  • If your skin doesn't like powder products
You may not like RMS product
  • If your skin is sensitive to oil
  • If you're on a thight budget
  • If you like colors that pack a punch 
  • If you have deep skin


  1. It looks good, but my-oh-my they're so bloody expensive and you get very little (quantity-wise) in return!

  2. Yes it is! That's why I wouldn't repurchase a cream blush from them when you can get some other natural ones for much less.

  3. hmm is the lip2cheek a lip eraser? it seems to be color nude on my screen hehe. i havent gotten myself to try any indie brand make up here in my country. im a bit hesitant since i cant really read reviews about it online ^^

  4. Thanks for the introduction! I already knew a little about the brand, but it's great to get some more details.

  5. It is a beige with a hint of pink a brigitte Bardot type of color but the other offerings are more pigmented. I'm also not of fan of buying online without seeing the products.