Monday, November 25, 2013

Mini review: MAC paint in bare canvas

Mac Paints are a creamy eyeshadow in a tube form. I think they use to come in more shades, but now they are only available in five shades. I chose the shade bare canvas which is a cream color with a very faint shimmer. I chose this over the paint pots because cream products in a pot form always end up drying.

The packaging on this is far from being perfect though, the top is hard to screw on and the first time you use it the product keeps spitting out.

Here's the texture of the paint.
I like to use it all over my eyes as a shadow base. It covers better than most eye primer and a bit less than most cream shadows, so I find it to be the best compromise to really bring out pale shadow colors.

smoothed all over
As you can see it's hard to detect so it's a great match for my skin tone as a base.

In short, despise the tricky packaging, this is a great product to use to even out my eyelid and make my pale eyeshadows really stand out. It's also easier to find in Belgium than Urban Decay. I will repurchase one I run out.


  1. Strange packaging indeed, though it links with the name. Looks good, though!

  2. At least you can cut the tube open, that to me is a plus :-)